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Tekadis Natural Products – “Our Main Mission Is To Help Make You Look Naturally Beautiful, And Also To Inspire And Motivate You.”

In 2012, Tekadis Natural Products (TNP) was developed in Canada to provide environmental and health conscious individual’s throughout the world with the accessibility to affordable, high quality natural products. We currently stock many different types of natural products from Africa, the West Indies, South America, Canada and the United States of America.

What does Tekadis mean?MANSA B.K. MUSA #2

The name is a combination of the last and middle names of my two children. My daughter’s name is Abimbola Yejide Torkwase, and my son’s name is Mansa Adisa Najja. The “TK or Tek” is the shortened version of “Torkwase,” pronounced “tor-kwah-SEH” which is a Yoruba, Nigerian name meaning Queen. And “adis” is the shortened version of “Adisa,” pronounced “ah-dee-SAH,” which is also a Yoruba, Nigerian name meaning: “one who makes his meaning clear.” They are combined into one word to create this Afrocentric name “TEKADIS,” which means “Beauty and Strength” – a name most appropriate for the African Natural Beauty Products that we import, manufacture and sell.

The company is 100% owned by Mansa Beycando KanKan Musa.

Tekadis Natural Products has grown over the years to become one of the largest “one-stop shopping” destinations for African Black Soap, African Black Soap Facial and Body Scrub, Tekadis Scrub, Wash & Dry [SWD] Pad, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Pure Coconut Oil, Hair and Body Oils and Herbal Blended Dead Sea Salts in Ontario, Canada. We have recently expanded to include Authentic African Arts and Crafts products made in various countries in African, plus, we have added two other categories of products, Home Decor and Publications.

Why Shop At Tekadis Natural Products?

1. Outstanding Customer Service – Call our offices anytime to speak with a knowledgeable Natural Product Consultant who knows our products in detail, understands your questions and is eager to help you! You can call us during regular business hours at: 416.754.4440 or Toll Free Canada & USA at: 1-844-877-4440.

2. Free Shipping & Affordable Products – So you’ve found the perfect product, you proceed to checkout and are shocked by the ridiculously high shipping fees. We know the feeling. That’s why we’ve taken the “shock” out of “sticker shock” by offering “Free Shipping” on ALL Orders over $50.00 to Canada, and over $75.00 to the U.S. – all products included!

3. Product Information – Tekadis Natural Products is committed to providing customers with as much product information to help them make informed buying decisions. When purchasing your beauty products, always read the ingredients label before putting them on your face or body. All of our products are manufactured with the highest standards, and are not tested on animals nor contain any harsh chemicals.

4. Manufacturer – Since we manufacture all of our products, we can pass the “Huge $avings” onto you – the customers. So, why buy your beauty products from other online stores or suppliers, when you can take advantage of wholesale savings by purchasing them directly from us – the Manufacturer?

5. If you have any questions and it is outside of our regular business hours, simply Send Us An Email @ info@tekadisnp.com and a friendly customer service representative will reply with an answer, the next business day.

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296 Markham Road,
Scarborough, ON M1J 3C5, Canada
Phone: +1-416-754-4440
Toll Free: Canada & USA: 1-844-877-4440
Email: info@tekadisnp.com


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